May 17,2024

We Are AST-onishing and You Have Been Astonished!

By Andrew Huang, Grace Hung, Mandy Liao, Irene Liao, Nero Ho, Sophia Yu ('29)


We Are AST-onishing and You Have Been Astonished!

It was a great honor to interview ASTonishing 66799G. The VEX team has consistently been an exceptional club at our school, garnering numerous awards and proudly representing AST on the global stage.

The motivation for the VEX teams was the cooperation and the feeling when you win a VEX award. Specifically, VEX member Ian, he was motivated through team cooperation and communication. Also, for VEX member Hannah, her brother was the one who inspired her since he previously was in VEX. In their opinion, the best and most exciting part of doing VEX is when you win an award and when you successfully finish a part of a robot you’ve been working hard on.

As we all know, the Vex team went to the world championship. Some things they had to prepare before going to Vex World were making sure that the robot and the program were ready, and also bringing some little souvenirs like stickers, pins, etc. They also had to think outside the box, like decorating. Going to a world competition means that you will face difficulties. The members of the Vex team struggled with strategies and lost a few rounds. However, their coach, Johnson, gave good advice and tips that changed the plan, which worked. Something the Vex team thinks they can do better next time is to go to the world competition with a cheery mindset, so when they lose a game, they won’t be impacted so hard. Ian said that the most memorable part of Vex World is the opening and closing ceremony. People were in the dome, there were seats, and you could also see people playing down there and see teams from other countries. Hannah said, “When there’s a new season, there are different topics every time, and everyone yells ‘water game’, which is kind of like a tradition.”

During the VEX Worlds, some pros of being part of it were that they learned about engineering and coding. At the same time, the cons are that you get tired easily and that you need good time management! The conflicts that they faced were teamwork and needing team cooperation. A good friend might not be a good teammate in a tournament! Also, having mental preparation that you might lose a game is essential.

The Vex team would suggest that you have a nice interest and time if you want to join VEX. They also said that you should not worry if you are not familiar with VEX because, after one year, you will be very used to it. Aside from skills, you will also need luck, money, and time. Don’t be afraid of meeting new friends and learning new things. You also need to learn to evaluate yourself before blaming others, learn to work together and cooperate, learn to manage time, and create a balance in all the things you want to achieve. Coach Johnson said, “Think of it this way, effort and time spent do not always pan out to positive results, and that is fine. Just because you spent time, it doesn't mean others have not. Even if you fail, learning about your failure is also a part of engineering and improving your robot. Failure is the whole point of engineering. If you aren't testing and failing, you are not advancing the robot.”

The 66799 teams shine as a beacon within AST. These teams inspire students to
push their boundaries and surpass their limits, elevating AST to a global platform. Your
efforts have not only increased our visibility but have also paved the way for a brighter
future ahead!


        Write For Delight 非常榮幸能夠訪問ASTonishing 66799G。VEX 隊一直是AST很優秀的社團,獲得了無數的獎項,也在世界的舞台上代表AST。

        VEX團隊的動力是合作以及獲得VEX獎時的感覺和靈感。 具體來說,VEX成員Ian Chen是透過團隊合作和溝通來激勵自己的。 此外,對於 VEX 成員 Hannah 來說,她的哥哥加入 VEX 之後,一直激勵著她。 在他們看來,做 VEX 最好、最令人興奮的部分是贏得獎項,並成功完成一直在努力開發的機器人。

        衆所周知,Astonishing隊參加了世界賽。 在去世界賽之前,他們必須準備一些東西並做一些準備的工作,例如:確保機器人程序已經準備好,帶一些貼紙、別針等紀念品。 他們還必須更有想像力,跳出框架思考。參加世界比賽意味着會面臨到許多難關, 機器人團隊的成員因為在策略上掙扎而輸掉了幾輪。 然而,他們的教練Johnson提供了寶貴的建議和提示,幫助他們改變了計劃並且成功了!他們學到以積極的心態競爭可以幫助他們不要那麼在意得失。 Ian Chen回憶說:「開幕式和閉幕式是Vex World最令人難忘的部分。 拱頂上坐滿了觀看比賽的人,還有來自不同國家的球隊。 」Hannah 說:「當有一個新賽季時,會有不同的主題,每個人都會大喊『Water Game』,這就像世界賽的傳統一樣。」

        參與世界賽期間的優點是,能學習工程和編碼; 缺點是很容易累,需要良好的時間管理! 團隊面臨的衝突是合作,需要很高度的團隊合作,這表示一個好朋友可能不是比賽的好隊友! 此外,要做好可能會輸掉比賽的心理準備。

        團隊建議如果想加入VEX,除了要對VEX有興趣,也要有足夠的時間。 如果對VEX不熟悉也不用擔心,因爲一年後就會漸漸上手的。 除了技能以外,還需要運氣、金錢和時間,也不要害怕認識新朋友以及學習新事物。 在責怪別人之前,要學會評估自己,學會一起工作與合作,學會管理時間,並在所有想實現的事上中取得平衡。教練Johnson也說: 「努力和付出時間並不總是能取得正面的結果,這樣很好,因爲你花了時間,並不意味其他人沒有。從失敗中汲取經驗教訓,對於設計和改進機器人至關重要。所謂「失敗乃成功之母」,工程的進步也往往是在不斷試錯和追求完善的過程中取得的。」

       66799是AST一顆閃耀的引導星,他們激勵學生突破自我並超越極限,帶領AST登上國際賽的舞台。 他們的努力不僅提高了AST的知名度,也為AST開創了更光明的未來!

        黃博暐,洪苡汝,廖苡媗,廖子嫻,何柏翰,余亮妍 ('29) 撰稿